This is who we are

Sweet Souls Care LLC, in collaboration with Maple Acres Farm, offers intimate “Behind the Gate” encounters with the animals on our farm, and sharing the scared space of the farm itself and some of its many facets. We offer exclusive access to some fun, some soulful, and some practical programs to the public on Maple Acres Farm.

We host people looking for relaxation, fun and joy, information, and learning, but also welcome those having a hard time, who are sad or looking for connection, comfort, hope, cuddles, giggles, hugs, joy, healing and love.

Sweet Souls Care refers to how our menagerie of critters here on the farm feel about our visitors. These are the sweetest souls. They’re unfiltered. Raw. Authentic. Full of love with a magical, transformational ability to comfort and heal even the most difficult of human conditions. Animals have the unique ability to meet you on a soul level. From the moment you approach, they innately and instinctively know your mood: whether you’re fearful, sad, worried or anxious – and they immediately respond to any imbalance to counter it, always seeking to restore balance, calm and comfort.