Sweet Souls Care

SweetSoulsCare was so named after watching my horse unlock the mysteries of the Universe to me...

It's fascinating how a personal experience with a horse led to such a deep and spiritual connection, ultimately inspiring the name for my shamanic practice. The concept of seeking a spiritual connection and oneness and the source is a powerful and transformative journey that can bring profound insights and personal growth. My practice is rooted in a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of all life and the mysteries of the universe.

SweetSoulsCare describes all of us when we are in connection with one another. We are all sweet. We are also all salty. And inevitably, we all need to care for one another, for everything -- to thrive, to grow, to survive, not to mention share and build. I welcome all seekers of spiritual connection and oneness with Self and Source.

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Appointments are booked through our Online Calendar or you can Call (267) 226 - 0021 or SweetSoulsCare@gmail.com


Spiritual coaching may include readings, astrology, numerology, ritual, or ceremony.  Available by phone or zoom.

Fee based on time.

15 minutes                                       $35

30 minutes.                                      $60

60 minutes                                       $111

Email Reading 

Ask One Question Receive a 3 Card Reading by Email $25

Full Reading $75


Energy Healing with guided mediation $111


Cleansing/Blessings of Property  

Based on travel, please email.             Base service, $222

Onsite Healing with Cash the Horse

(located in Chestnut Hill, PA) One Hour - $111

Extended with Follow Up - $222

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Full Moon Circles will resume in Spring 2024

Meet Mare

Your Animal Loving Guide

SweetSoulsCare was formed while watching my horse intuitively play with a non verbal child, all on his own. It reminded me that we are all entangled, whether we like it not, and how despite all our circumstances, in this case, an anxious feral horse and a disabled child. Instinctively, he was gentle and hyper aware of their very breath. Allowing them to explore the delicate whiskers under his chin and on his nose, standing as still as a statue, breathing in their scent. He nickers; they laughed. Connection. Magic.

I am Mare Ebner, an initiate of the Pachamama Mesa shamanic tradition, a spiritual coach, herbalist, metaphysician, kitchen witch and critter shepherd. 

I offer guidance through mediumship and often may use certain tools like tarot cards or astrology or numerology to assist. 

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